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We're here to assist you in the modding process for your CSR2 account. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly through the website or using any available contact method. Our team is dedicated to providing support!

1. Place Your Order

Kickstart the modding journey by adding your desired items to the cart. When ready, hit the shopping cart icon. To proceed, navigate to the checkout page using the prominent checkout button available on any page or within the cart itself.

2. Proceed to Payment

On the checkout page, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your address details.
  2. Apply any available discount coupon code.
  3. Hit the "Continue to Payment" button.

Quick Tip: You can use a dummy address since we don't require shipping. Choose your preferred payment method, be it PayPal, Credit Card, or any other displayed option.

3. Order Successfully Placed

Celebrate the successful placement of your order! Here's your post-purchase checklist:

  1. Save your order number.
  2. Click "Continue Shopping" or our brand name to return to the homepage.
  3. Need assistance? Reach out through the chat icon, visible on every page.

4. We Take it From Here

Sit back and relax! Our dedicated crew member will contact you at their earliest convenience to finalize your order and deliver the mods straight to your account. Your CSR Racing 2 experience is about to get a major upgrade!

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