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CSR2 American Road Trip 3: Iowa Duality Season 190

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CSR2 American Road Trip 3: Iowa Duality Season 190
Elevate your CSR Racing 2 journey to unprecedented heights with the CSR Racing 2 American Road Trip 3: Iowa Duality Season 190 Offer. This exclusive package is meticulously crafted to empower you with unbeatable advantages and exhilarating rewards, ensuring you stand out on the virtual race track.

What's Included:

  1. CSR2 Eddie’s Rod & Custom Chevrolet Corvette C2 ‘XP-63’ (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) (New) (Maxed Out): Take the wheel of this iconic car, meticulously upgraded to perfection with all Stage 6 enhancements and fusions, courtesy of CSR2 MODS.

  2. CSR2 Nitro's Package: Unleash your full potential with an abundance of in-game resources, including:

    • 50 million CSR2 Cash: Build, customize, and optimize your garage with unprecedented freedom.
    • 30,000 CSR2 Gold: Propel your progress and enhance your collection with exclusive items, all courtesy of CSR2 MODS.
    • 50,000 CSR2 Bronze Keys: Unlock rare cars and accessories, gaining an edge over the competition.
    • 10,000 CSR2 Silver Keys: Access premium vehicles and limited-time events, courtesy of CSR2 MODS.
    • 1,500 Gold Keys: Secure legendary cars and elevate your CSR Racing 2 experience to the pinnacle of excellence.

Stage 6 Effects For Eddie’s Rod & Custom Chevrolet Corvette  :

This powerhouse, when finely tuned, can give you the edge you need:

  • Full S5s - dynos at 8.346 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 150/2.0
    • FD - 2.00
    • Tires - 0/100

Let's break down the improvements you can achieve with each Stage 6 part:

  • Body: Dyno - 7.853, Improvement - (-0.333)
  • Transmission: Dyno - 7.862, Improvement - (-0.324)
  • Tires: Dyno - 7.981, Improvement - (-0.205)
  • Engine: Dyno - 8.028, Improvement - (-0.158)
  • Nitrous: Dyno - 8.046, Improvement - (-0.140)
  • Turbo: Dyno - 8.116, Improvement - (-0.070)
  • Intake: Dyno - 8.142, Improvement - (-0.044)

Eddie’s Rod & Custom Chevrolet Corvette  Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:

For those aiming to push this beauty to its limits, here's the setup you need:

  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 2573
  • NOS - 188/4.0
  • FD - 2.34
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 6.790
  • Test Run: 6.773

Why Choose Our Offer:

  • Competitive Edge: Gain an immediate advantage in the American Road Trip 3 event and beyond, thanks to the Maxed Out Chevrolet Eddie’s Rod & Custom Chevrolet Corvette .

  • Resource Abundance: Dive into the game with a wealth of resources, generously provided by CSR2 MODS, granting you unparalleled flexibility to explore and excel.

  • Exclusive Access: Unlock premium content and cars, propelling your CSR Racing 2 adventure to an extraordinary level, all brought to you by CSR2 MODS.

Don't Miss Out:

This limited-time offer, proudly presented by CSR2 MODS, is your key to victory in the exhilarating world of CSR Racing 2. Seize this unique opportunity to shine on the race track, conquer every challenge, and achieve unprecedented greatness. Elevate your racing arsenal today with the CSR2 MODS American Road Trip 3: Iowa Duality Season 190 and relish the thrill of victory like never before! 🏁

IMPORTANT: You'll need to provide your Apple ID (Email and password) or Google Play (Email and password). Without this information, the modders will not be able to deliver the mods to you. You have the option to select between STOCK or MAXED variants when determining the status of the 10 cars. We recommend that you list the 10 cars you want in the "special instructions" area on the cart page. Alternatively, ensure they are ready to be mentioned when you communicate with the modder through the chat widget. With the CHEATS PACKAGE CSR2 MODS, you can have access to almost unlimited in-game resources, including money, gold, keys, and all types of parts. This is the ultimate package that will take your gaming experience to the next level. So, don't wait any longer, visit our Shopify page and purchase the CHEATS PACKAGE CSR2 MODS today! Please note that the cars included in this package are limited to rare import cars. Check Cars Maxed Tunes that will help you RACE LIKE A BOSS! Important: We Provide CSR2 MODS Services and CSR2 Account Top-ups, Not Only Downloadable CSR2 Modded APKs or CSR2 Mod Menus. Mods With No Surveys or Ad-Related Processes Required. Our Mods Do Not Offer CSR2 Unlimited Money or CSR2 IN APP PURCHASE. Current Season: CSR2 Season 186 | Next Seasons: CSR2 Season 187, CSR2 Season 188, CSR2 Season 189, CSR2 Season 190, CSR2 Season 191, CSR2 Season 192, CSR2 Season 193, CSR2 Season 194 Important: We Provide CSR2 MODS Services and CSR2 Account Top-ups, Not Only Downloadable CSR2 Modded APKs or CSR2 Mod Menus. Mods With No Surveys or Ad-Related Processes Required. Our Mods Do Not Offer CSR2 Unlimited Money or CSR2 IN APP PURCHASE.

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