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CSR2 Chevrolet ’Sick Second 1.0’ Camaro SS

10.00 USD

Product Type: CSR2 Game Top Ups
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CSR2 Racer Device: CSR2 IOS
CSR2 Car Upgrades: CSR2 Stock Car

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Chevrolet 'Sick Second 1.0' Camaro SS

CSR2 Chevrolet ’Sick Second 1.0’ Camaro SS

CSR2 Chevrolet ’Sick Second 1.0’ Camaro SS


CSR Racing 2 Season 165

The Chevrolet Sick Seconds 1.0 Camaro SS is the CSR2 ART2 Finale Prize Car of Season 165 .

one of the faster cars in Tier 5. Incredible 6.606s.

Maxed Tunes:

NOS 698 | 5.8
FD 2.00
TIERS 0 | 100


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Minimal or No Risk AFTER SEASON 165


IMPORTANT: You'll need to provide your Apple ID (Email and password) or Google Play (Email and password). Without this information, the modders will not be able to deliver the mods to you. You have the option to select between STOCK or MAXED variants when determining the status of the 10 cars. We recommend that you list the 10 cars you want in the "special instructions" area on the cart page. Alternatively, ensure they are ready to be mentioned when you communicate with the modder through the chat widget. With the CHEATS PACKAGE CSR2 MODS, you can have access to almost unlimited in-game resources, including money, gold, keys, and all types of parts. This is the ultimate package that will take your gaming experience to the next level. So, don't wait any longer, visit our Shopify page and purchase the CHEATS PACKAGE CSR2 MODS today! Please note that the cars included in this package are limited to rare import cars. Check Cars Maxed Tunes that will help you RACE LIKE A BOSS! Important: We Provide CSR2 MODS Services and CSR2 Account Top-ups, Not Only Downloadable CSR2 Modded APKs or CSR2 Mod Menus. Mods With No Surveys or Ad-Related Processes Required. Our Mods Do Not Offer CSR2 Unlimited Money or CSR2 IN APP PURCHASE. Current Season: CSR2 Season 186 | Next Seasons: CSR2 Season 187, CSR2 Season 188, CSR2 Season 189, CSR2 Season 190, CSR2 Season 191, CSR2 Season 192, CSR2 Season 193, CSR2 Season 194Important: We Provide CSR2 MODS Services and CSR2 Account Top-ups, Not Only Downloadable CSR2 Modded APKs or CSR2 Mod Menus. Mods With No Surveys or Ad-Related Processes Required. Our Mods Do Not Offer CSR2 Unlimited Money or CSR2 IN APP PURCHASE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ty Bell
ZMoney be the way to go

The man is on point and very friendly he makes you feel as if your talking to family on here thank you so much once again I have a major game problem and spending money at the same time finally someone or something that won’t burn u or your wallet thank 100000 time over Z

Dale Addison
Awesome car

Fully stocked and tuned this dragster is nice and yes as the name says gone in six seconds. Thanks csr2 mods great work as always

Adam Benavides
Sick seconds of hell yes

Very fast and fun car worth the cash I’m satisfied with this purchase csr2 mods is definitely legit if you are looking into buy cars for the game DO IT

Thank you for your review, Adam. We're glad to hear that you're happy with your purchase from csr2 mods. We hope you enjoy your new Camaro SS!

Not a scam so I vibe with it

I was expecting it to be a scammy thing but it like actually isn't, guy was really nice and got it done fast. They use your Google account if you're on android and when I asked him not to do anything sketchy while on my account he told me "why would I do that? We do business here". Seriously this stuff works amazing even tho I was worried the whole time

chase beyer

thank you for the help man

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