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CSR2 Race Pass Season 3 Premium

19.00 USD
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Product Type: CSR2 Game Top Ups
SKU: 43216713613443

CSR2 Racer Device: CSR2 IOS
Offer: Only 3 Maxed Cars

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CSR2 Race Pass Season 3 Premium - Racers Package from CSR2 MODS

Get ready to relive the thrilling Season 1 of CSR2 Race Pass with a rerun in Season 3, brought to you by CSR2 MODS. Presenting the "CSR2 Race Pass Season 3 Premium" - Racers Package.

What's included:

  • Three Paid Pass Prize Cars, maxed out with all stage 6 parts and fusions for the ultimate performance.
    • Maserati MC12 Stradale 'Carbon Blu' (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
    • McLaren Senna "Launch Edition" (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
    • Zenvo TS1 GT 'Sleipnir' 10th Anniversary (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)

But that's not all! With the Racers Package from CSR2 MODS, you'll also receive:

  • 15,000 Green Elite Custom Tokens
  • 10,000 Blue Elite Custom Tokens
  • 5,000 Red Elite Custom Tokens
  • 500 Gold Elite Custom Tokens
  • 25,000,000 CSR2 Cash
  • 15,000 CSR2 Gold
  • 25,000 Bronze Keys
  • 5,000 Silver Keys
  • 500 Gold Keys

All of this is available for just $50.52 with CSR2 MODS!

And here's the best part - if you're interested in the incredible cars without the resources package, you can get them for just $19 with CSR2 MODS.

Please Note: These cars are not replaceable. If you already have one or more of the current season cars, CSR2 MODS will max them out for you, ensuring you get the full benefits of the Racers Package.

Relive the excitement of Season 1 and own these powerful cars in CSR2 Race Pass Season 3. Take advantage of the Racers Package from CSR2 MODS and experience the best saving offer in our shop today.

Race to victory with CSR2 Race Pass Season 3 Premium - Racers Package from CSR2 MODS!

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