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CSR2 Rimac Nevera

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CSR2 Racer Device: CSR2 IOS
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Get the Flash Event Rerun - Rimac Nevera (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)Β 


The real Rimac Nevera

Mate Rimac has taken the world of horsepower by storm. In just ten years, the Croatian has risen from nobody to become the European answer to Elon Musk, who is supposed to make giants like VW or Hyundai fit as a development partner for the battle against Tesla & Co.

To crown its career to date, Rimac will unleash the Nevera in the summer of 2021 as a production version of the study known up to now as the C2 and thus build nothing less than one of the most spectacular sports cars of all time: 1912 hp, 2360 Newton meters, a top speed of 412 km/h and a sprint value of less than two seconds will make even top-class opponents like the Bugatti Chiron pale.

Rimac could not have chosen a better name for its masterpiece. Nevera not only emphasizes the Croatian origin of the car, of which the company boss is so proud, because his homeland has so far been a blank spot on the world map of automotive engineering. But above all, it is the name for a storm off the coast that comes out of nowhere and sweeps away everything that is then still on the water.

The explosive energy of the new Rimac Nevera hits you all the more brutally, unloading in a breathtaking acceleration on kickdown – without any time lag, without any loss of traction and above all without any warning. Faster than the eye can grasp the display, let alone the brain can process the digits, the speedometer counts up on the first test drive, even putting the graphics processor to a severe test.

Your mouth opens, you gasp for breath and before the first gulp of air is in your lungs, the first 100 km/h are long gone; at 150, 180, 200 you still haven’t grasped what’s happening here, 220, 240, 260 – 300 km/h and still the electric extremist’s momentum doesn’t let up a bit. Instead, the world at the side windows blurs into the unrecognizable, while the end of the runway burns itself into the field of vision frighteningly fast in front. They wouldn’t stand a chance in a sprint duel against the new Rimac Nivera (2021), but they don’t have to brake and simply take off. But at the end of the runway, the Nevera has another surprise in store: The 2.2-ton low-flyer brakes as well as it accelerates.

With the full recuperation power of its e-drive, with huge ceramic discs and a rear wing that turns almost vertically into the wind, the storm subsides as quickly as it picks up. Effortlessly, the car makes the U-turn. Only to play its next trump card on the way back down the runway and perform a slalom that would make even the pros lose their breath. Because each wheel is driven by its own motor and the forces can be regulated almost freely by the supercomputer at the bottom of the small trunk in the rear, the new Rimac Nevera prances between the pylons as light-footedly as a ballerina.

The CSR2 Rimac Nevera

The 4 yellow star Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06 CSR2 can fit 91 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The Stingray should runΒ Β 6.654s. To sum up, the Nevera is one of the fastest cars in Tier 5.


Rimac Nevera CSR2 Rimac Nevera
Tier 5
NOS 225 / 4.0
Transmission 2.00
Tires 0 / 100
Wining shift pattern Perfect start, 44mph 2nd and NOS, rest deep good shifts
Time 6.654

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Sven Dieckmann
Wie immer sehr zufrieden

Der Service von csrΒ²mods ist einfach nur gut Ich nutze in jetzt schon ΓΆfters und werde ihn auch weiterempfehlen und weiter nutzen

Great value for money

Got it with the offer, best quality/value for one of the fastes car in the game, I wouldnt hesitate to get it for this price.

Thank you for your review of our Rimac Nevera. We're glad to hear that you think it's a great value for the money and that you had a positive experience with it.

Ober the top job

Krasses Ergebnis durch dieses Team. Komme wieder wenn es hakt

Best Mod-Shop.

Best Shop for modding .
Modders are quick and realy friendly.

Thank you for the kind words, Rob! We're happy to have you as a customer.

Ken Elizee
Pretty good

I was surprised at the legitimacy of this site

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