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CSR2 McLaren F1

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CSR2 Racer Device: CSR2 IOS
CSR2 Car Upgrades: CSR2 Stock Car

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McLaren F1


The McLaren F1 is a highly sought-after Legend Car in CSR2 that requires the restoration of 14 different Legends cars to unlock. Boasting a 6.1-liter BMW S70/2 V12 engine that produces 627 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque, the F1 is a true performance machine.

With its rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive drivetrain, the McLaren F1 offers exceptional handling and grip on the track. It also features a 6-speed manual transmission, allowing for precise and responsive shifting. With a weight of just 2,509 pounds (or 2,203 pounds when fully upgraded), the F1 is one of the lightest and most agile cars in the game.

With a rating of 603 when fully restored and 714 when fully upgraded, the McLaren F1 is a formidable competitor on the track. Its grip rating of 6,000 when fully restored and 7,956 when fully upgraded make it highly responsive to driver input, while its shift time of 400 milliseconds (or 200 milliseconds when fully upgraded) ensures that every gear change is lightning-fast.

Overall, the McLaren F1 is a rare and valuable addition to any CSR2 player's garage. With its powerful engine, exceptional handling, and customizable performance, it's no wonder why this Legend Car is so highly prized. So why wait? Restore the 14 Legends cars and unlock the McLaren F1 today to experience the thrill of driving one of the most iconic cars in automotive history.

At CSR2Mods, we offer a wide range of mods for CSR2 players, including Legend Cars like the McLaren F1. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to expand your collection or a newcomer looking to get started with the best cars in the game, we're here to help. Contact CSR2Mods today and let us help you obtain the McLaren F1 and fully restore it to its full potential.

IMPORTANT: You'll need to provide your Apple ID (Email and password) or Google Play (Email and password). Without this information, the modders will not be able to deliver the mods to you. You have the option to select between STOCK or MAXED variants when determining the status of the 10 cars. We recommend that you list the 10 cars you want in the "special instructions" area on the cart page. Alternatively, ensure they are ready to be mentioned when you communicate with the modder through the chat widget. With the CHEATS PACKAGE CSR2 MODS, you can have access to almost unlimited in-game resources, including money, gold, keys, and all types of parts. This is the ultimate package that will take your gaming experience to the next level. So, don't wait any longer, visit our Shopify page and purchase the CHEATS PACKAGE CSR2 MODS today! Please note that the cars included in this package are limited to rare import cars. Check Cars Maxed Tunes that will help you RACE LIKE A BOSS! Important: We Provide CSR2 MODS Services and CSR2 Account Top-ups, Not Only Downloadable CSR2 Modded APKs or CSR2 Mod Menus. Mods With No Surveys or Ad-Related Processes Required. Our Mods Do Not Offer CSR2 Unlimited Money or CSR2 IN APP PURCHASE. Current Season: CSR2 Season 186 | Next Seasons: CSR2 Season 187, CSR2 Season 188, CSR2 Season 189, CSR2 Season 190, CSR2 Season 191, CSR2 Season 192, CSR2 Season 193, CSR2 Season 194 Important: We Provide CSR2 MODS Services and CSR2 Account Top-ups, Not Only Downloadable CSR2 Modded APKs or CSR2 Mod Menus. Mods With No Surveys or Ad-Related Processes Required. Our Mods Do Not Offer CSR2 Unlimited Money or CSR2 IN APP PURCHASE.

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