’Race Pass’ Guide CSR2

'Race Pass' Guide CSR2


 CSR2 Race Pass Arrives to CSR RACING 2 !

It's kinda a new feature. Kinda, because it's based on Jerry's challenge and most of the tasks are the same. The guide itself will get daily updates, till it's finished. The feature is a good way for us to get some extra resources and cars. Overall, it's a nice idea, not only because we're getting something extra for the daily routine that we do, but it's also something new and different. You can also choose the car(s) that you want. Yes, half of it is paid, but it's around $5-$10 depending on your country of origin, for 4 weeks of challenges, rewards and an additional car. You need to be rank 20 in order to be able to participate and see the Race Pass!

Below I've tried my best to cover every aspect of it, if something is missing it will be added right away. I won't be able to cover the premium part, because I only have the feature on my alt account and I prefer to spend money only on my main account.

The challenge started on October 27, 2022 and it should end on November 24, 2022.

Note: Depending on your progress thru the game, you may be seeing different tasks.

There're 3 different types of Tasks:

Daily Tasks - They change every 24 hours at 10 AM UTC and gives us 5 points. Each day we get 4 tasks, 28 in total for the week. So for the day, we get 20 points and for the week, 140 points.

Weekly Tasks - They change every 7 days, on Wednesday at 10 AM UTC and gives us 40 points each. There're 7 weekly tasks in total. Each week we will be getting 280 points.

Bonus Tasks - They change every 7 days, on Wednesday at 10 AM UTC and gives us points. There're 10 bonus tasks in total for the week, but you can see only 2 at a time. Each week we will be getting 200 points. There's a little catch, the Bonus Tasks are unlocked ones we complete all Weekly Tasks.

So for the week we should be getting 620 points and for the whole month of the challenge, 2480 points.

If you don't do the bonus tasks, you should be getting 420 points in a week and 1680 in total for the full length of the challenge.

Below you can see all the tasks for the 3 different types.

Daily Tasks:

- Collect fusion parts of any grade: Collect 15 fusions.
- Fit Upgrades to any car: Upgrade 3 parts.
- Log into CSR2.
- Open bronze crates: Open 2 bronze crates. (All parts crates count in it.)
- Tune any car.
- Win Races: Win 5 races. (No matter if it's an Event or a Cup)

Weekly Tasks:

- Collect silver keys: Collect 50 silver keys.
- Collect (PC Manufacturer) fusion parts of any grade: Collect 35 (PC Manufacturer) fusions.
- Complete daily trials: Complete 2 daily trials for gold, elite parts, keys, etc.
- Complete races in daily trials: Complete a whole daily trial for gold, elite parts, keys, etc.
- Fit Stage 3 or above upgrades to any tier 3 car or above: You need to fit 12 upgrades.
- Fit upgrades to any car: Fit 50 upgrades to cars.
- Fit fusion parts of any grade to any (Manufacturer) car.
- Get 5 star cars: Get any 5 star car from Rare Imports. (No matter if it's a silver or a gold crate)
- Get crew RP: Get 50 000 crew RP (It's bugged)
- Get the Prestige Cup Car: In this case, the McLaren 720S Spider. (From Rare Imports)
- Increase the Elite level of a Tier 2 car or above by 15. (by 15 levels) (Elite Customs/Tuners)
- Open Bronze Crates: Open 15 Bronze Crates. (All parts crates count in it.)
- Spend Cash: Spend 800 000 in-game cash.
- Win live races: Win 10 live races.
- Win races: Win 50 races. (No matter if it's an Event or a Cup)
- Win races in ShowDown: Win 15 ShowDown races.

Bonus Tasks:

A few tips regarding some of the tasks: and the race pass as a whole:

- If you get universal part please BE CAREFUL!!!! The game will automatically select the universal parts when upgrading a car. You HAVE to select the normal part or upgrade when upgrading a car part!!!

- If your inventory of a certain universal stage, fusion or token is full, you won't be able to claim more universal rewards, till you free up space. That may or may not soft lock you from the pass or the game as a whole!

- If you decide to buy the Premium Race Pass later on, you will be able to claim the previous Premium rewards.

- For the task where you need to get the Prestige Cup car, even if you already own it, you will still need to pull it from Rare Imports, in order for the task to count. - For the task(s) where you need to fit certain amount of upgrades to your car(s), the stage 4 and 5 upgrades are counted if: Have the game open and connected to the server before the timer ends, and in the Race Pass when it drops. After they deliver, once you exit the event screen, it will all add up. Thing is: if the parts deliver and the game isn't open, or the server isn't connecting OR is connected but Race Pass isn't in the map, IT DIDN'T COUNT.

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Here you can see the total amount of the rewards, their distribution per tiers and the meaning of the new rewards.

Free Rewards:

Cash - 250 000

Gold - 100

Bronze Keys - 100

Silver Keys - 50

Gold Keys - 3

Uncommon Fusions - 3

Rare Fusions - 2

Epic Fusions - 1

Stage 6s - 2

Legends Components - 2000

Universal Stage 1 Upgrade - 2

Universal Stage 2 Upgrades - 2

Universal Stage 3 Upgrades - 1

Universal Stage 4 Upgrades - 2

Universal Stage 5 Upgrades - 1

Prize car at 21st tier, you need to choose one:

- Chevrolet C10 "Tiffany" (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 5) (Crew Milestone)

- Koenigsegg Agera RS (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 5) (Crew Milestone)

- Porsche 911 RWB (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 5) (Crew Milestone)

Premium Rewards:

Universal Uncommon Fusions - 4

Universal Rare Fusions - 5

Universal Epic Fusions - 4

Universal Restoration Token - 1

Universal Stage 2 Upgrades - 2

Universal Stage 3 Upgrades - 2

Universal Stage 4 Upgrades - 3

Universal Stage 5 Upgrades - 2

Universal Stage 6 Upgrades - 2

Prize car at 21st tier, you need to choose one:

- Bugatti Bolide (blue) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) (SCS: Bugatti)

- Lamborghini LB-Works "Limited Edition" Aventador Coupe (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) (Evo)

- Porsche 935 MARTINI RACING (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) (Hypercar Forum)

Tiers/Rewards distribution:

Tiers     Free          -          Premium
  1      2 US1U         -           2 UUF
  2      100 Gold       -           1 UEF
  3      1 Stage 6      -           1 US6U
  4      2 US2U         -           1 US3U
  5      50 000 Cash    -           1 URF
  6      100 BK         -           1 UEF
  7      3 UF           -           1 US3U
  8      1 US3U         -           3 US4U
  9      1000 LC        -           1 US5U
  10     100 000 Cash   -           1 URT
  11     100 000 Cash   -           2 URF
  12     1 US4U         -           2 US2U
  13     50 SK          -           1 UEF
  14     2 RF           -           1 US4U
  15     1 US4U         -           2 UUF
  16     1000 LC        -           1 US5U
  17     1 Stage 6      -           2 URF
  18     1 EF           -           1 US4U
  19     1 US5U         -           1 UEF
  20     3 GK           -           1 US6U
  21     1 GS Car       -           1 PS Car



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The best cars in CSR2 are the ones that match your personal preferences and play style. You may prefer a car for its appearance, sound, handling, or performance, and have more fun driving it than other cars. You may also have a favorite car brand or model that you want to collect and use in the game.

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  • Tempest

Boss cars are special vehicles in CSR2, each uniquely associated with a boss from the game’s different tiers. These cars are highly upgraded and can be won by players after defeating the boss in a race.

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  • Tempest

To win a boss car, you need to challenge and defeat the boss in a final race after completing all the races in their respective tier. It’s essential to ensure your car is fully upgraded and tuned to surpass the boss’s time.

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  • Tempest

The Tempest is a series of advanced challenges that become available after you finish the main storyline. These challenges include time trials and races against even tougher bosses, requiring you to push your racing skills to the limit.

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  • Tempest

To unlock the Tempest challenges, you must first earn an Elite License by completing a set of prerequisite races. This will also open up new story content and the Tempest races themselves.

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  • Tempest

Yes, the Tempest bosses are more challenging, and the times you need to beat are faster than those in the main storyline. You’ll need to upgrade and fine-tune your cars to meet these more demanding times.

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  • Tempest

If you use a car to obtain your Elite License, that car becomes ineligible for the Tempest races. It’s wise to choose a different car for the Elite License trials so you can use your best cars for the Tempest.

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  • Tempest

While you can technically use any car, it’s recommended to select cars that are fully upgraded and tuned to meet the specific times required to beat the Tempest bosses and trials.

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Beating the Tempest bosses will reward you with their unique cars, which come with Stage 6 upgrades and rare fusion parts. These cars are a valuable addition to any player’s collection.

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Unfortunately, no. You only get one shot at racing the boss for their car. If you lose, you won’t get another chance, so make sure you’re fully prepared before you challenge them.

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Boss cars are exclusive to boss races and cannot be obtained from rare imports. The only way to add a boss car to your collection is by defeating the boss in their challenge race.